Your work is valuable. Speakbox lets you manage invoices and payments in one convenient location.

How to generate an invoice.

  1. From the Client Directory, select the client with whom you would like to issue an invoice.

  2. Select "Invoices" from within the Client Record.

  3. Click "Create Invoice"

  4. Client and Provider address details will automatically populate, click the "Add a service dropdown."

  5. Add one or multiple services to the invoice.

  6. Manually adjust the price of any session (such as a session that went long or a no show appointment)

  7. (Optional) add a personal note.

  8. Click "Send"

And... you are done!

Clients can pay the invoice directly by credit card if you have integrated Stripe with your practice. Otherwise, you can manually mark an invoice as paid by editing a past invoice.

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