Unlike other EMR platforms, Speakbox enables you to manage both private and shared notes. Shared notes eliminate the need to send clients follow up emails, improve client trust and strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and help clients stay on track outside of session.

How to create a note.

  1. Select the clients record you would like to update from within the Client Directory.

  2. Select "Notes" from the available tabs.

  3. Click "Add note"

  4. Choose if you would like to share this note by clicking the slider under "Client sharing" from Private to Shared. (Notes are set to Private by default)

  5. If relating to a recent appointment, select "Attach to an appointment"

  6. Select a template to pre-populate information or add relevant information as necessary.

  7. (Optional) Private and Shared notes both include an "Observations" section, this section is always private and never visible to the patient; enabling you to share parts of a note while still documenting confidential information within the same note.

  8. Click "Create"

And... you are done!

Within the Notes section, you can also view past notes by selecting the date filter or generate a PDF to print past notes by clicking "Print."

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