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How do I connect to my therapist?
How do I connect to my therapist?

To securely share information and collaborate with your therapist, first you need to connect to them using Speakbox Life.

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To fully participate in your health, you need access to your data. Through Speakbox, you and members of your care team can seamlessly collaborate within a shared space, making it easy to share your insights while securely having access to things such as your care goals, action items, consents, and session notes.
Compliant with health data security standards in Canada and the US, your information is safe on Speakbox. Here, you become the steward of your health data.

Why is it helpful?

  • Access all the details related to your care in one convenient, secure space.

  • Go deeper in session by tracking your mood to share personalized insights with your therapist

  • Hassle-free file sharing and consent management

  • Your data - all in one place. The more clinics you work with through Speakbox, the more connected your health becomes.

How to join your therapist on Speakbox

To get started, a member of your care team will either send an invitation through email or direct your to their clinic portal to register directly. Let's walk through how to join by email invitation:

  1. You'll receive an email from "Speakbox <>" with a subject line including your name and the name of the clinic who sent the connection request.

  2. Click "Join" within the email.

  3. If you don't already have a Speakbox Life account, you'll first need to register. Input your details and click "Create your account"

  4. You'll receive a second email asking you to verify your email. Inside, click "Verify your email address"

  5. You'll be logged in and automatically re-directed back to clinic to complete registration.

And... you are done!

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