Your time is valuable! Lessen your workload while providing a convenient feature for your clients by enabling client booking in your practice.

Why is it helpful?

  • Offers convenience for your clients.

  • Clients who book their own appointments are less likely to be a no-show.

  • It's less work for you.

  • May reduce barriers for new clients.

Setting up your schedule and enabling client booking

  1. Select "Schedule" from your left navigation.

  2. Select "Show Availability" in upper right of the schedule.

  3. Select a time where you would like to create an availability block for clients to book within by first clicking anywhere on your calendar.

  4. Choose the length of availability you would like to create.

  5. Select "Repeat" if you would like to create several blocks of avilability across multiple days or weeks at this same time.

    1. Choose which days of the week you would like the block to repeat on and if you'd like it to repeat on a weekly or monthly basis.

  6. Select "Schedule."

Creating unavailable blocks within your calendar

  1. Start by clicking anywhere on your calendar.

  2. Select the date and time you would like to mark yourself as unavailable.

    1. If you'd like to create a re-occuring busy block for instance for lunch, you can use the same repeat function to easily create multiple entries on your calendar.

  3. Select a start and end time for the block.

  4. Select "Schedule."

Select which services you would like to enable for client booking

  1. Logged into an admin account for the practice, select "Practice Settings" by clicking your profile in the top right.

  2. Select the "Portal" tab and click to enable online booking if it's not active already.

  3. Click "Save"

  4. Select the "Services" tab and click edit to enable online booking for individual services.

And... you are done!
You've successfully set up client booking within your practice. You can now direct clients to your portal to book their next session at their convenience.

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