Need to find the personal information or emergency contact of a client? Your Client Directory has the answer.

Why is it helpful?

  • Create a client record for a client not on SpeakboxLife

  • Find the contact details for all your clients

  • Quickly see all the workspaces for each of your clients.

Creating a de-synced client record.

Within the Client Directory you can also manually create a client record.

Note: By not being synced to a SpeakboxLife account, clients created manually through the Client Directory will not be able to receive electronic consent forms, provide insights, or collaborate during their care.

Situations where it may be necessary to create a de-synced record include:

  • Children's records

  • A client does not want to sync with your clinic due to technology or personal reasons

To create a record:

  1. Within your client directory, select "Add a new client."

  2. Input the client's full name and email

  3. Click "Create"

And... you are done!

Due to limited functionality, we strongly recommend only using de-synced records in the situations above. Keep in mind, If in the future this client does connect with your clinic, you can merge them with this existing record to share historical information.

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