Invite clients to collaborate in their care to streamline file sharing, form, and questionnaire completion, connect virtually, sign consents, and receive patient-reported mood data.

Clients can join your practice to collaborate in one of two ways: manually sending an invitation from their Client Record or automatically directing your Client to your practice portal.

Invite a client to your practice

  1. First, create a new Client Record.

  2. Inside your new client record, select "Send Invitation"

  3. Enter the clients email address, confirm their name, and add a personal message which will be included in the email.

    Example: "Hi [Client], I'm looking forward to working with you. Speakbox is a tool that will help us to better share information like your care plan, session notes, and resources along the way."

  4. Click "Send"

FYI: Clients will receive an email from "Speakbox <>" with the subject line, "[client name], join [clinic name] on Speakbox!"

And... you are done!

Once accepted by your client, you and your client will have full access to exchange files, notes, forms, questionnaires, and connect virtually.

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