Anyone with administrator-level access can manage Practice Settings. Those with appropriate permissions can access Practices Settings by clicking their profile in the left navigation. Within these settings, you can

  • Update the name, primary phone, email, and address for your practice

  • Enable or disable your practice portal for public discovery

  • Invite and adjust roles of members on your team

  • Adjust your Speakbox Care subscription

  • Create and edit your practice services

  • Create consent templates for your practice

  • Adjust the operating hours of your practice

Why is it helpful?

  • Easily update practice details to keep clients and prospective clients up to date

  • Quickly add new team members to your practice

  • Create custom consents tailored for your practice and services

  • Make scheduling a breeze with pre-generated services


Practice Information







Practice Information

Update the name of your practice, the primary contact number by which clients and prospects can reach you, as well as your primary email address. Here you can also update the location of your practice. If you choose to make your practice publically visible, this can help those in your region more easily find you.


Your Portal is your virtual front door for your practice. When enabled, public users of Speakbox Life can find and request to join your practice. Here you can specify the formats of care you provide, including in-person, virtual, or both and specialities of your clinic.


Easily keep track of your licenses and invite new team members to your practice. Once a member, you can also adjust your team's roles.

Invite a team member

  1. Select "Send an invite"

  2. Enter the persons' full name, email address, and intended role within the practice.

  3. Select "Send invitation"


Review your current Speakbox Care subscription and update your credit card information. To add additional licenses to your practice, contact sales by emailing


Before you or your clients can start scheduling appointments, you first need to define your practice service offering. You can organize your services by discipline or type of therapy, and each service contains a pre-set duration, cost, and whether it is available for client-initiated booking.

Create a service

  1. Select "Add a new discipline."

  2. Name the discipline such as "Counselling, Group, Couples Therapy, etc."

  3. Under the newly created discipline, select "Add a service"

  4. Name the service, add a description (optional), set a duration, price, select who within the clinic can provide this service, and toggle if you would like to enable online booking for this service.

  5. Then click "Create."


Under consent, you can update the primary governing body for you and your team, your required notice for clients wishing to reschedule an appointment, and update your practice privacy officer. Additionally, it's here where you can create and manage custom consent templates for your practice.

Create a consent template

  1. Select "Create consent template"

  2. Chose a name for this consent

  3. Write your template using the provided variables to auto-generate elements such as client name, clinician, and practice name.

    1. Variables will auto-populate based on the information provided within your practice information

  4. Select "Save" in the top right

    1. You can also preview the proposed template


Within scheduling, you can toggle on or off the availability of online booking for your practice, define working hours so clients seeking to book online, know when your practice is open, and define your workday for easier booking.

And... you're done!

Remember to update your practice information after significant changes to keep clients and prospective clients adequately informed.

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