Offering everything you need to support and collaborate with your clients, Workspaces provide a single interface for shared care. Everything within a Workspace, except for Observations, is seamlessly shared and visible to your Client.

In addition to 1:1 care, you can also generate Workspaces for Couple and Group Therapy. Take the time you save updating one chart instead of money to do something you love. You deserve it!

Why is it helpful?

  • Engage clients through shared goal curation and treatment planning.

  • Keep clients moving forward outside session with quick action items

  • Integrate clients (while reducing follow up) with shared notes viewable by both you and your client.

  • Log observations, private notations for your eyes only.

  • Manage consents and share files.


Create a Workspace


Session Notes





Create a Workspace

  1. From the Client Director, Select "Create a workspace."

    Note: You can also create Group workspaces (these are also used for Couples Therapy)

  2. Select the Client whom you are making the Workspace

  3. Workspaces take the name of the client by default, but you can customize the name if you prefer. Workspace names are shared and visible to your client.

  4. Select "Create"


The Workspace Dashboard includes an area to manage Action Items, add and view Treatment Goals, review the primary focus for care, and view any additional details related to the client.

Action Items

Easily recommend an item for your clients to follow up on using action items. You can also view a past list of completed action items here.

Create an Action Item

  • Inside "Action Items," name the task, activity, or reminder you would like to share with your Client.

  • Click "Add"

Session Notes

Visible to clients, easily keep track of your time together using Session Notes.

To add a note

  1. Within the Session Notes tab, select "Add note"

  2. Name your note and provide the context in whichever format you prefer.

  3. Select "Create"


Have a thought you aren't quite ready to introduce to your Client? Add an Observation as a personal reminder to yourself.

To create an Observation

  1. Within the "Observations tab, select "Add Observation"

  2. Provide details for your note

  3. Select "Create"


Share and view electronic consents for your clients to quickly review and sign.

To request consent

  1. Within the Consent tab, select "Request consent"

  2. Select which consent you would like to send from the template dropdown

  3. Select the Client for whom you would like to send the consent

    1. A preview of the consent will generate for your convenience

  4. Select "Request"

Note: you can expire incorrectly sent or outdated past consents.


Need to share a resource or have additional information to be completed by your Client? Files makes it easy and secure for you to send and receive documents inside a Workspace.

You can also upload files and mark them private to attach them to the client's record without granting them access.

To share a document

  1. Within the Files tab, select "Add files"

  2. Click "Upload a file" or drag and drop the file straight from your desktop/location on your device. You can upload multiple files at once.

  3. Choose to "Share with client" or "Keep it private" by clicking to toggle access.

  4. Select "Upload"


Easily add additional members of your team and Supporters to a Workspace. Supporters are consented individuals for which the Client wishes to make available the information within the Workspace.

Common supports include

  • Parents

  • Partners

  • Tribal Elders

  • Trusted peers

To add a Supporter

  1. Within the Members tab, select "Add a supporter"

  2. Select a supporter from within your clinics directory

  3. Select "Add"

Note: Supports require a Speakbox Life account and need to be invited to your clinic before they can be added as a Supporter within a Workspace.

Attention: Always seek your client's consent before adding a supporter to a Workspace. All information aside from Observations is visible to supporters.

To add a Team Member

  1. Within the Members tab, select "Add a team member"

  2. Select the team member you would like to add

  3. Select "Add"

Attention: Always seek your client's consent before adding new team members to a workspace.


When you are ready to wrap up your time together, you can process a discharge to close the Workplace.

  1. Click "Settings" within the clients Workspace you would like to discharge.

  2. Add a summary and any post-care recommendations

  3. Sign off on discharge.

  4. Select "Discharge this workspace"

Note: You cannot undo a Discharge. If care continues or a client returns, create a new Workspace for the Client.

And... you are done!

Workspaces offer a convenient and transparent way to collaborate with clients, their supporters, and other team members. By caring in the open, you can foster greater trust and achieve higher engagement with your clients.

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