Manage the flow of clients into your practice using Referrals. Here you can review received self-referrals, respond to your waitlist, close pending referrals, and invite new clients to your practice.

Why is it helpful?

  • Easily manage all inbound clients to your practice in one convenient location

  • Invite new clients to your practice

  • Control and monitor your waitlist

Invite a client to your practice

  1. Select "Send an invitation"

  2. Enter the client's full name and email address

  3. Select "Send"

Note: Create a button on your website linked to your unique practice URL to make it easy for prospective clients to find and join your practice.

To manage a pending referral

  1. Select a referral from the "Received" or "Waitlisted" tab

  2. Within the referral, choose to "Accept", "Close", or "Place on waitlist"

  3. If accepting, choose to create a new client or attach the referral to an existing client in your directory

Note: Notes written within the referral section are for internal use only and are not visible to the prospective client.

And... you are done!

Once you have accepted a referral, create a Workspace to start collaborating and support their healing journey.

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