Welcome to Speakbox, an electronic health record and practice management platform. You may already have familiarity with practice management software. However, what's different about Speakbox is how it integrates your clients into their care, enabling them to seamlessly contribute to their records while sharing helpful information related to their health.

To help you get acquainted, we put together this handy guide to walk you through core features, helping you grow your confidence in no time. Ready to get started? Let's dive in!

Note: If you are part of a multi-member team, you may not be responsible for each of these steps. For organization specific processes, check with your manager.

  1. Register for Speakbox Life

    Before we can explore the various features of Speakbox, we first need a client to join us on our journey. For training purposes, create a personal account to experience Speakbox from both sides.

    1. Visit (https://speakbox.ca/sign-in)

    2. Click "Login to Speakbox Life"

    3. To create a new account, click "Create one today"

    4. Complete your details and select, "Create your account"

  2. Invite a client to the clinic

    Now that you've created a public account, let's cover common workflows from onboarding to discharge. First, let's invite your public account to join your clinic. Login to Speakbox Care and we'll get started:

    1. Select, "Client Directory" from your left navigation.

    2. Click, "Add a new client"

    3. Type your full name, email address, and phone number

    4. Click, "Create"

      Now let's connect this client record with your Speakbox Life account to experience the shared components of the platform.

    5. Inside your newly created record, click "Send Invitation"

    6. Add your email address, personalize the invitation with a custom message, and click "Send"

    7. Check your email and follow the registration steps from your clients perspective using your Speakbox Life account.

  3. Create a workspace

    Workspaces house all of a clients health information related to their care. It's here where you'll find all you need to create and track care goals, action items, files, progress notes, and consent. Let's create your first Workspace:

    1. Inside the client directory, find and click on your newly created profile. Use the search bar to find profiles more easily.

    2. Click your recently created profile

    3. Under the main Overview page click, "Create a workspace" under the Workspace section.

    4. Select your client profile from the drop down, or just start typing to quickly find yourself in the list.

      Note: You have the option of creating custom Workspace names. Note that these names are visible to the client. By default, Workspaces are named after the client.

    5. Click, "Create"

  4. Set your availability (For clinics utilizing Online Booking)

    Client online booking promotes client engagement and convenience while reducing your administration time. If your clinic has Online Booking enabled, set your hours of availability through the following steps:

    1. Select, "Schedule" from the side navigation

    2. Click, "Show availability"

    3. Click anywhere on the calendar to create an availability block

    4. Choose the date you would like to set your availability for. For convenience, you'll be able to create re-occuring events for standard blocks of availability.

    5. Set the maximum period you are available. We'll create unavailable blocks for one-off or re-occuring events such as your lunchtime in a moment.

    6. Select if this block should repeat weekly or monthy, then specify the days of the week you would like to mark as being available.

    7. Under "Team Member" select yourself in the dropdown.

    8. Click, "Schedule"

    9. To create blocks you are not available, repeat the same process and select "Unavailable" these can be one off events or set as repeating events for easy scheduling.

  5. Schedule an appointment

    Now that your schedule is set up, let's schedule an appointment and experience a virtual session.

    1. Click the current date and time on your calendar.

    2. Select a service from the dropdown

    3. You're added as a host by default. If you need to host a multi-member appointment, simply add additional team members as hosts.

    4. Add your recently created client profile as an attendee.

    5. Click, "Schedule"

      Note: If a client Supporter is also attending the session, such as a parent, you can add them as an attendee then toggle the thumbs up icon to mark them as a Supporter. To add Supporters to appointments, they first need to have a profile created and linked in the Client Directory.

  6. Join a session

    Virtual rooms are automatically generated for appointments and become available to join at the scheduled time.

    1. Click the recently scheduled appointment

    2. If the appointment was scheduled for the current time, click, "Join meeting room" to begin the session.

      Note: Clients access the meeting room by going to "Care Team" and selecting the appointment within the "Upcoming Appointments" section.

  7. Create a note

    Now that our session is complete, let's create a note to log our discussion.

    1. Click "Workspaces" from the left navigation

    2. To create a shared note viewable by your client, select, "Session Notes"


    3. To create a private note only viewable by you and your team, select, "Observation"

    4. Click "Add a note/Observation"

    5. Select a template you would like to use by clicking, "Template."

      Note: Templates are managed by account administrators and need to be created in advance before they become available for use within Workspaces.

    6. Complete your documentation and click, "Create"

  8. Create a goal and an action item

    Treatment goals and action items are a great way to keep care on track and progressing forward. With Speakbox, both these processes are shared with your client. To learn how, let's create a treatment goal:

    1. Click, "Dashboard" within the client Workspace

    2. Click, "Add a goal"

    3. Add a name, description, and strategy for your treatment goal and click, "Add"

    4. Inside the goal you can add objectives, smaller steps to help your client achieve their goal.

    5. As you work on goals together, you can also add review notes under each goal.

    6. Select, "Start Goal" to get started or "Delete Goal" if it's no longer relevant or you've made an error.

  9. Upload a file

    Sharing resources and information can be a great way to empower clients outside of session. Within the Workspace you can manage both shared and private files related to the clients care.

    1. Select the "Files" tab within the Workspace

    2. Click "Add a file"

    3. Drag and drop any file you would like to upload into the hashed rectangle or select, "Upload a file" to search for a particular file on your computer.

    4. Set if you would like a file to be shared or private

    5. Select, "Upload"

  10. Discharge a Workspace

    Congratulations, you and your client have accomplished your goals together and now it's time to close the Workspace, let's process a Discharge:

  1. Click, "Settings" from within the Workspace you would like to close

  2. Add a summary including any post-care recommendations.

  3. Add your signature

  4. Click, "Discharge this workspace"

    Note: You cannot undue a Discharge

And you're done...

Great work! You've successfully navigated all of the significant elements of the Speakbox platform related to caring for your clients. Still not entirely confident? Detailed knowledge articles are always nearby to help you if you get stuck. If you encounter a bug or need extra help, a member of our support team is happy to help. Click the chat bubble located in the bottom right corner when logged into Speakbox Care to get started.

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