Virtual sessions can be a convenient way to access health services while in the comfort of your own home.

Why is it helpful?

  • Greater convenience and affordability

  • Improved accessibility to health services

  • Many clients report feeling more comfortable accessing care from their home. Therapy, in your PJ's! (if that's your kinda thing)

So, here's how to join your next session:

To get started you'll need to be logged into your Speakbox Life account and have a scheduled appointment with a member of your care team. Ready? Let's go!

A screenshot of the Care Teams dashboard within Speakbox Life
  1. First, select "Care Team" from your health dashboard

  2. Choose the Clinic with whom you have a scheduled session. If you're only working with one clinic, this clinic will be selected by default.

  3. Under "Upcoming Appointments" click "View apointment" for the session you wish to join.

  4. Select, "Join Meeting Room" at your scheduled start time.

And... you're done!

We hope you enjoy your session.

FYI: Accounts shown in screenshots are not real, these are sample accounts created to demonstrate the service.

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