Move from self-care to shared care with your therapist or coach in only a few clicks. Virtual sessions are a convenient way to meet with your care team while in the comfort of your own home.

Why is it helpful?

  • Greater convenience and affordability
  • Treatment is more accessible
  • Therapy, in your PJ's! (if that's your kinda thing)

What you need to know about sessions

  • Notes and action items created by you and your therapist are seamlessly stored within your growing personal health record for future reference.
  • You will always be notified if a session is being recorded.
  • Once scheduled, meeting rooms generates automatically for their scheduled time. (no more hunting down lost links)

So, here's how to join your next session:

  1. First, select Care Team from your health dashboard.
  2. Choose the Clinic for whom you have a scheduled session.
  3. Select "Sessions" within the clinic's page.
  4. Select today's scheduled session.
  5. Select, "Join Meeting Room"

And... you're done!

We hope you enjoy your session. To review past sessions, or provide feedback to your clinician, re-visit the sessions page and select any of your past sessions.

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