Drag and drop any file, including images, PDF, word document, audio, or video files, quickly and securely. In Speakbox, any document you have shared or received from your care team is neatly stored within the clinic from which it originated.

Why is it helpful?

  • Never misplace or lose a form or resource again.

  • Secure, simply re-upload any completed document to the necessary clinic.

  • Easily access past resources, forever.

What you need to know about documents

  • Like your journal, messages, and sessions; documents sent through Speakbox are kept safe and secure.

  • You can download an uploaded document to your personal computer or mobile device.

  • Documents are organized by Uploaded and Received to keep your files tidy.

So, here's how to share a document

  1. Select "Care Team"

  2. Choose which clinic's you want to send or receive a document from

  3. Select "Documents"

  4. Review and download any documents under "Received" by hovering over any item with your mouse or finger.

  5. To upload a document, select "Uploaded Documents" and drag and drop the file you would like to upload, or choose "Browse" to find a particular document on your device.

And... you're done!

Now you can review, download, and upload documents with confidence. Nice work!

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