View yours and any member of your team's calendar by going to Schedule in the left navigation. Schedules sessions will automatically generate a virtual room for you and your clients to connect during the scheduled time. Once created, you and your client will be able to view upcoming sessions within the schedule section.

Why is it helpful?

  • View your calendar, schedule, and re-schedule appointments.

  • Set your availability so clients can schedule with you through your clinic portal (Requires account admin to enable "Online Booking" within Practice Settings"

  • Block time off when you are not available.

  • View and schedule appointments for other team members within your clinic.

How to schedule an appointment

  1. Click "Schedule" on the left navigation bar.

  2. Select whose calendar you would like to view, your calendar will be visible by default.

  3. Click anywhere on the calendar to schedule an appointment

  4. Choose the desired service, choose attendees including who (including you) on your team will be present, any supporters, and the client, or multiple clients in the case of a Couple or Group session.

  5. Select "Schedule."

How to reschedule an appointment

  1. Drag and drop a scheduled appointment to reschedule it within the same week or select an appointment to schedule it for a later week.

  2. Select "Reschedule"

  3. Choose the date and time you would like to reschedule the session on.

  4. Select "Reschedule"

And... you're done!

To find your scheduled session, refer back to "Schedule" from the left menu at any time.

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