Welcome to Speakbox! Speakbox is your daily space to better understand and develop your mental health. Creating daily habits will help you become conscious of the challenges and successes you experience each day and allow you to discover your strengths, problem solve better, and communicate your needs more clearly.

You're not alone, Speakbox is for everyone who seeks to collaborate on living a happier, healthier life. 


Your privacy is our top priority! Speakbox stores all health information on Canadian-based servers and this data is fully encrypted to ensure your information stays safe and confidential.


Speakbox is 100% free. We receive funding through partnerships with government and public health service providers. That means your data is not for sale. 

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Say hello, (click the chat in the bottom right of your screen), or send us an email and we'll be happy to help. If your inquiry is health related, please visit a local clinic or ask your doctor. If this is a health emergency, please dial 911 or visit your local emergency department. 

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