Few of us wake up and suddenly have the capacity to run a marathon, like learning to run distance, developing our mental health is a daily practice of discovery; trial and error to find our unique formula of self-reflection, action, and social connection contributing to a mentally healthy life. 

Your check-in is your time to review activity over the past day, gauge your response to favorable and adverse events, and determine your overall satisfaction. Over time you'll start to discover patterns, your unique set of actions to live a happier healthier life. 

Get started in just two-steps: 

Step 1 - How are you feeling? 

Imagine you're re-watching your day on TV. Remind yourself that even your favorite drama has moments of joy, even laughter. Rather than dwelling on a specific moment, try to respond to the emotion portion of your check-in by determining the overall tone of the day.

Step 2 - Journal to add context

Our emotions only tell part of our story, use your journal to jot down words of context; what happened that made you feel the way you are?  Take inventory of the days successes and your works in progress, note actions you took to feel better in a poor situation or activities that brought you joy in the day.

Final thoughts
Nice work! Self-reflection takes practice, and you're well on your way with this check-in in the books. Life can be tough with moments of great delight and deep sorrow; if you find yourself in one of life's valley use your journal to look back in your story to remind yourself of a past good time, know that although today may be hard you've overcome struggles in the past and you will again. You're not alone, a community of caring people is always here to help. 

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